The Story of the Drawing:

After my successful completion of the Berlin Bull drawing, I was eager to do another pen and ink. My two favorite local animals are moose and bald eagles, so I decided to draw a bald eagle for my second drawing. This drawing was also referenced from a photo of ours with artistic liberty applied for the background.

This is one of the local bald eagles at Lake Umbagog in Errol NH, he was sitting on and old dead tree looking out over the water. We crept in close with our boat and spapped a few photos of him. He was such a beautiful bird and gave us many more photos over the next few weeks. When I composed the drawing I added Mount Katahdin from Maine as the backdrop and thus giving the drawing its title.

I start by drawing a basic outline in pencil, with some more intricate pencil work on critical areas like the eyes and face area and the feet. Once I am happy with the basic lines I immediately start to draw with ink. I usually don't go back and pencil more, I just work straight form my inking pens. This can be a real challenge as there is no un-doing anything once the ink hits the paper. I used a combination of tools to draw with, but the main items are: Rotring Pens, Pigma Pens and some painted ink useing brushes. The original drawing is approximately 16x20 inches in size and drawn on heavy 300gsm watercolor paper.

Once the drawing is complete, we scan it at 800 dpi and process the scan to reflect the original as much as possible. We make a limited edition number of prints to sell. The small image size here really doesn't do the original justice, but its a fair representation.

Robert J Andersen


Bald Eagle Pen and Ink Drawing Detail


Bald Eagle Ink Drawing Detail


Bald Eagle Pen and Ink

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