Digital Artwork

Click on thumbnail for slideshow, click slideshow image or menu buttons to get the story and detail images of each artwork. The gallery has the full artwork series and purchase options, click here to go to the online store. This section only has the stories and detail image samples of some, but not all of my greyscale series.

  • Screaming Eagle
  • Bull Moose in Woods
  • Snarling Wolf
  • Moose and Moon
  • Siberian Tiger Walking
  • Loon Family Painting
  • Patriotic Eagle and Flag
  • Aplomado Falcon
  • Black Bear and Cubs

About The Artwork / Artist

I first started drawing when I was in primary school, it was mainly child like drawing. By that I mean I was drawing with my friend at the time and they were mainly reproductions of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

I then started doing more and more complex drawings and my parents saw my keen interest and offered to buy me an expensive Rotring pen and ink drafting set. I had been using pen and nibs at the time which required me constantly dipping the pen in the ink bottle. When my parents bought me the new Rotring set, it was a big step up as there was a resevoir of ink in the handle that made drawing much easier and less hazardous of spilling ink.

I kept getting better over time and I had a love for Frank Franzetta art and used a lot of his images as references and drew pen and ink versions of his art.

That was back in 1979 and not a lot has changed since then, except I use a bigger selection of pens and diffrent types. There was a long hiatus where no pen and ink drawing happened, because I was just too busy doing other stuff.

I have never had formal training for doing this, it just something I have always done.

Digital Art Process

I start by finding an appealing reference image, I like to use reference images for certain parts of the drawing to ensure accuracy of the penned result. What I mean here is, have you ever seen a moose or animal drawing that just didn't look right, you couldn't put your finger on it but you knew something was wrong.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, all I can hope is, you enjoy my type of artwork.

Most of these digital paintings were created from a photograph that was re-drawn in Corel Painter using a Wacom tablet. I bring the photograph into photoshop and eliminate the elements I dont want in the painting, once I am happy with that I bring the current image into Corel Painter where I use it as a template / ref layer. I start painting using various brushes and techniques generally only sticking with a grey pallette. Once I am happy with the central figure I work on the backdrop and try to create a mood that is appropriate for the subject painted.

I just keep playing ang toying until I am happy with the final image.


Robert Andersen