ARTWRK048 - Titled "Hook"

The Story of the Drawing:

In September of 2015 we went to Alaska to try and see and photograph the large bull moose we knew we could find there. We only went for ten days because of vacation limits imposed on us by our business. Anyway, during our short stay, we got to see and experience this beautiful 40 point bull moose, who had a spread of approximately 56 inches. He was nicknamed "hook" by the locals because of the one downward antler near his eye. I referenced this artwork from a photo I took from of him during that trip.

It took me about 40hrs to create this image using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. It was mostly created in Painter, with some minor work and adjustments being done in Adobe.

The original painting is 8x12 inch ratio at 400 dpi and mostly done in grayscale colors with a hint of different tone in his antlers. I pretty well created the environment from my mind or how I invisaged it should look.

I like how this painting turned out, I got a lot more creative in trying to create every brush stroke and took a long time to get the look I was going for. I use a Wacom tablet to help get the painting strokes more natural and the way I would normally draw if I was using a real pen or paintbrush.

Robert J Andersen



Moose in Woods Painting Detail


Moose in Woods Painting Detail


Moose in Woods Painting Detail

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