ARTWRK044 - Titled "Patriotic Eagle"

The Story of the Drawing:

I have always had a soft spot for bald eagles, they are what got me into photography, after 911 happened I also developed a series of patriotic paintings including ealges and flags. 911 was a terrible moment in history, it happened within a month of me arriving in America and this painting hopes to capture the spirit of the patriotism that everybody in America showed the immediate days after 911.

The eagle in this photo is based on my favorite bald eagle photo which took six years to get, combined with the flying american flag. There is not much to say about this image other than it was meant to invoke patriotism and honor to those that feel that way when they see it.

Most of the work for this painting was done using corel painter, there was also some traditional drawing techniques applied to give extra emphasis on the edges and certain detail elements. I wanted the flag to have a little color even though this is technically a grayscale art piece, I think just having a hint of the red, white and blue is more powerful and creates a stronger image.

It was created on a computer using digital painting techniques and tools. The main items being Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and Wacom drawing tablet.

Robert J Andersen



Patriotic Eagle Painting Detail


Patriotic Eagle Painting Detail


Patriotic Bald Eagle Painting

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